Yamaha WR450F 2 Trac

Not only do we run the legendary Classic Car Club from our underground lair in the bosom of Shoreditch we also help people look after their cherished cars and motorcycles through our sister specialist vehicle storage facility, Car Vault London. We see all sorts of weird and wonderful bits of kit and they don’t come much more weird and wonderful than the WR450F 2 Trac.

No it isn’t April the 1st, this is a genuine, bona fide full production 2 wheel drive motorcycle!

The bike was developed in a joint collaboration between Yamaha and Ohlins using a hydraulic system to push up to 15% of drive power to the front wheel – kind of like a big speedo drive. It is a self-regulating system where more drive is applied to the front wheel as the rear breaks traction.

This is an ultra rare bit of kit as only 200 were made to qualify for the Paris – Dakar rally, with only around 25 arriving on the shores of Blighty. The lucky owner of this fabulous piece of two wheeled engineering actually owns two of them, this pristine off road version and a hooligan of a supermoto he hoons around town on. Respect!

Not only did those crazy bastards at Ohlins Racing make a two wheel drive off roader – they turned their attention to the legendary R1!


If you have a car or motorcycle you would like to store in safe hands in the heart of London (just outside the congestion charge of course) let us know. Not only do we store the cars and bikes, we can also help with deliveries, MOTs, pre collection check overs, valeting and just some plain old good advice to help keep you rolling.



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