Aston Martin Ogle Sotheby Special

Before advertising standards cottoned on to the fact that smoking might not be a great thing to promote, cigarette companies were queuing around the block for an association with car brands. The manly hand of the Rothmans’ man was often seen resting on the steering wheel of a top British marque, Marlboro tapped into the glamour of Ferrari and McLaren (as well as the butch but soon to be breathless cowboy) and the John Player Special brand was specifically created for the Lotus F1 team.

So when posh hand-candy brand Sotheby were looking for something a bit special to promote their death sticks they turned to David Ogle to redesign an Aston Martin.

Ogle Design was well known for its limited production models based on platforms such as Mini, Cortina and Daimler. David Ogle himself died before the car was finished, but chief designer Tom Karen completed the futuristic Sotheby (which was based on an Aston Martin DBS V8). The Ogle Sotheby debuted at the Montreal Motor Show in 1972 and caused a stir with some of its wacky details – firstly it was a three seater with the rear single seat sitting at 90 degrees to the front seats. The car upwardly extends in a wedge – a look seemingly nicked from the less exotic Leyland Princess. Not cool. The back was decked out with 22 rear lights so the harder you braked the more the lights lit up. Cool.

One onlooker loved it so much he commissioned his own car at a cost of over £28,000 (or £357,000 in today’s money) – the base DBS at the time was only £8,749 (or £111,000 now). Cast your eyes further down the page to ogle the Ogle.


[label type=”small”] Photo: Aston Martin/Ogle [/label]


[label type=”small”]^ The Sotheby’s Special Reserve girls and driver Graham Wrangles saying hello Photo: Mike Lawn / Stringer[/label]



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