Six of the best TAG Heuer watches

The catchily named Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG was founded in 1860 by Mr Edouard Heuer in St-Imier, Switzerland. In 1911 Heuer received a patent for the first dashboard chronograph and the brand became synonymous with automobile and aviation time keeping.

By the time 1950s swung around Heuer watches started to sponsor the major racing events. They owned everything from Formula 1 to Le Mans. It wasn’t long before their watches began to appear on the wrists of all the great racers such as Lauda, Rindt, Regazzoni, Andretti and Villeneuve. Jo Siffert even took to buying Heuer watches at wholesale prices before selling them onto fellow drivers. In 1962 Heuer went stratospheric and became the first Swiss watchmaker in space when John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch when piloting the Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft.

The company were taken over by the TAG group in 1985 and became the TAG Heuer that we know and love today.

With such a rich history it’s no wonder that car lovers have a passion for the brand. The weight of their history runs through watches such as the Formula One, the Carrera, the Monaco, the Monza and our personal favourite; the Silverstone.


[label type=”small”]^ Clay Regazzoni wears a Silverstone Photo: TAG Heuer[/label]

And while TAG have definitely kept pace with the times we reckon it’s best to look back to some of the original styles when it comes to buying one. They are the simple classics.

Here’s six that we’d recommend if you’re looking for a drivers watch.


Vintage Autavia




Vintage Carrera



But if you’re more of a 21st Century guy and you’re looking for a smartwatch, then TAG Heuer are still the brand to have. Available later this year, the TAG Heuer Connected looks like a classic Heuer but has all smartwatch capability to keep you living in the future. Goodbye Apple watch, you’ve been overtaken by a legend.

Watch the video below.



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